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Winget-cli or Windows Package Manager version 1.0.12576 is out

 Winget client application has received an updated version having multiple features and 2 bugs. Windows Package Manager version 1.0.12576 is the release available with msixbundle installer file. The features are related to the experimental Microsoft Store source. The REST API now has support for source-level agreements, and an HTTP header pass through. You will have to accept user agreement before downloading and installing the Winget package. The tool has also made some improvements for managing deferred registration for MSIX packages and silent installation with MSI UAC issues.

Version 1.0.12576A introduces an experimental feature that will display dependencies listed in a package manifest. The COM API is now considered a stable feature and has been deleted from experimental features. The team has also started the work to begin supporting the new version  v1.1 schema #1243. The implementation of these new keys will follow in upcoming releases. Many Thanks to @ChungZH for making some UX improvements to show how many upgrades are available furthermore displaying the version number during install.

Windows Package Manager version 1.0.12576 features and fixes

Here is the changelog -


  1. Require EULA/TOS acceptance before download starts - #200.
  2. Add support for an arbitrary HTTP header value in REST API #893.
  3. Max Installer nodes 1024 #967.
  4. Experimental Show dependencies #1012.
  5. Added "doProgressTimeoutInSeconds" Setting #1174.
  6. Add Microsoft Store REST Source as default option and fix telemetry gaps #1216.
  7. Show the version number during install #1337.
  8. winget upgrade: Display count of available upgrades #1354.
  9. Add support for rest API 1.1 interface #1396
  10. Add deferred registration for MSIX #1397.
  11. Use MSI API to allow UAC prompts on MSI silent installs #1398.
  12. Client verbose logging does not log sufficient information to diagnose issues interacting with rest sources #1400.
  13. Remove the packagedAPI experimental feature flag #1419.


#1406 InstallerSuccessCodes in manifest schema does not provide any numerical limits

#1416 winget source add doesn't warn you when adding an unsupported source.

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