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How to Manage FB pages on Android: Pages Manager

 Pages Manager is a free app provided to you on Android Smartphone using which you can manage n number of pages simultaneously. If you are in the world of Business, promoting your business through FB pages is an important thing that you can do. It could never be denied that FB has become a fast-growing platform to shoot up your business in the initial phase as it comprises Million+ users all over the world.

Similar is the situation if you are going for brand promotion, TV series promotion, etc. Even if you are a normal user, you can create a unique page and start sharing your thoughts or creativity through FB pages. Creating a page is a very easy task; however, making continuum to run that page is a tedious task.

If you have already created a FB page and finding it very difficult to keep it running using Mobile, You can read this article on how to boost up your page and how to operate it without facing net issues. At first, you need to download a FB Pages Manager app from the Google Play Store.

How to use and run this app

Once you have this app installed on your device, run this app on your Smartphone by tapping on its icon. This will open a window showing the main menu of your particular page. If you are using this app for the first time, you have to put down your initials i.e. User-id (Facebook email-id/ Mobile Number) and password to open this app. A screenshot of this app is shown below.

Here in the first Slide, you could see a three dotted line at the right topmost corner. Click on this icon to open Settings option, where you could do many things related to page whether it is updating page info, editing page roles, viewing activity log and many others.

You could also add contact info on this app, if you don’t want yourself to be secret and let people know who you are and what your expectations about this app are. To add a new photo/ video, click on the Blue colored icon which is encircled in black rectangle.

This will open up a new window where you could either put a post to be published right now or assign a schedule to this post. When scheduling, the photo will upload itself at its assigned date and time.

How to boost up your Page

The two important parameters of this app are likes and Views. If any one of them is increasing, it implies your page is reaching to the people. You can increase either of them by Inviting Friends to like your Page. The Stronger you have the connection over Social media sites; more is the chance of your page being noticed.

Initially, it all depends on your strength of social strength. However, at later stage it all depends on the contents of your page, its authenticity and regularity. You must be regular if you want to reach huge number of audiences. If you don’t have that much kind of recognition on Social Media sites, you should opt for promoting your websites which is shown in the next screenshot in its second slide (bottom).

One yet another important thing to boost up your page is to interact with your users. This will make them come again and again as it provides interaction between you as Admin and them as your Followers.

There is an Insight option available on this app that lets you see your overall progress whether it is your Total page likes, new likes, Total Reach, people engaged etc. This will give you a rough idea about in which direction your page is going and you can think upon those constructs which would even increase your viewership, likes, etc.

You could always track down the activities going on your page through notification icon similar to that of FB.


Pages Manager App is indeed a very nice app on Android. It not only makes your work easier but you could also look for anything substantial right in your hand. There is no need of opening your PC and looking for what happening on your pages. At any stage, PC will spend more MB of yours than a Normal Smartphone. Use this app for yourself and write to us your valuable comments.

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