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How to Scan Any File, Picture on Android: CamScanner

CamScanner is a free app of Android which helps you in scanning any files or pictures present in your Smartphone or just by taking it now. Basically, CamScanner is a portable scanner that you can bring anywhere along with you. It lets you scan all your paper documents, receipts, notes, etc. which could be easily archived at any point of time. Scanning files or pictures often cost you a hefty sum of money. With this beautiful app of Android, you can save all your money which would be wasted otherwise on scanning documents.

You could also upgrade this app to the premium account and enjoy different exciting features which are normally banned for free users. The documents scanned using this app could be stored in your SD Card and they could be searched upon when they are going to be used.

To have this app, search CamScanner on Google Play Store. This is a normal app and would not take more than 10 MB of your internal Storage.

How to Use this app

Once you are done with downloading its .apk file and installation, you can open this app by tapping on its icon present on your Mobile Screen. For the first-time Users, it would ask to create your own account. Make sure to attach your Mobile Number to this app so that your account is verified by some OTP.

If you have a personal account, no one could see your details as it would be password protected and you could see the files stored in your account at any point of time in future. You could also skip the registration process and could do this part at a later stage. I would suggest you make your account as it would be pretty easy then afterward. Once you are done with this stage and move forward a simple interface will open up just like the below shown screenshot.

The necessary details of this app are mentioned in the screenshot above like: - Gallery which could be used to bring pictures, Camera to take a new picture and the Cart Symbol which is for Premium users only. All these three options are shown at the bottom of the first slide.

Taking picture is pretty easy. All you have to do is to click on Camera option and will start focussing the area which comes under the focal length of Camera.

Adjust the camera flash mode and take a picture or you could also opt for the existed image by choosing Gallery. The image taken by the Camera or selected would be cropped by default. You can also crop it manually by dragging the four vertices. After editing, just save it and your document is ready as a scanned file. That’s it. Isn’t it pretty Simple?


The images taken by your camera or the pictures already present in the Gallery could be edited easily using the above shown method. You can choose Auto, Lighten, Magic colour, etc. as per your wish and see whether it serves your quest or not.

There are some other features too which are described below:

  1. By tapping Share, you can send the document to your friends using email option or some other apps already installed in your Android like - Whatsapp, FB
  2. By tapping Upload, you can upload the PDF files on your account in Google Drive, Dropbox or Evernote, etc.
  3. It provides free MB for actions like - Registration, Review Writing, Following, Inviting Friends
  4. It also gives you proper security from unauthorized person.
  5. Its Export PDF Files option could be used to convert any document to PDF Files.


CamScanner is one of the finest apps on Smartphone and that too freely available. Mere the presence of this app could relax you as it is always there and you could get dozens of work done with the help of this app without even going to a Shop having Scanner. Use this app yourself and tell us your views in the comment box below.

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