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How to Uninstall KB5013943 from Windows 11

Windows 11 users are experiencing several issues after installing the May 10, 2022 Security Patch. Some users have experienced issues with KB5013943, including Discord, Microsoft Teams, Keypass, Bing Desktop Wallpaper, and MSI SCM laptop software. Additionally, the defective update causes issues with Event Viewer, Startup, and other components. It was also reported that after obtaining the LCU, their Rainmeter and System Monitoring Software have stopped working. Consequently, they are now removing KB5013942 from Windows 11 due to this issue.

You can find more information about removing KB5010795 from Windows 11 here.

However, it has helped a few individuals solve their problems through .Net Framework version 3.5. Users who have previously installed to fix the issues, installed .Net Framework 3.5, then removed and reinstalled the application. But it’s also true that this does not work for everyone. It is therefore necessary to uninstall KB5013943 to fix this issue. 

Note: Due to this buggy update, many users also experience blue screens APC_INDEX_MISMATCH, Critical Process Died, and application error code 0xc0000135.

See - How to Uninstall KB5013943 from Windows 11

How to Uninstall KB5013943 from Windows 11

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