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What is Disk cleanup?

 Disk Cleanup is a built-in utility in Microsoft Windows operating systems that helps to free up space on your computer's hard drive by removing unnecessary files such as temporary files, system files, and other items that can accumulate over time and take up valuable disk space. These files can include temporary internet files, offline web pages, downloaded program files, recycle bin items, and more.

Running Disk Cleanup can help improve the performance of your computer by freeing up space, reducing clutter, and improving the speed of file access. It's important to note that Disk Cleanup should be used with caution, as some files may be necessary for the proper functioning of your computer, so it's always a good idea to review the files that Disk Cleanup suggests for deletion before proceeding.

To know more navigate to Windows 11/10 – How to Open and Use Disk Cleanup.

What is Disk cleanup

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