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How To Disable Home Group Feature in Windows 7

Windows 7  inbuilt  Home Group features are used to share files and printers from another windows 7 computers in network modes (wireless or Ethernet). But sometimes if you like to make disable  homegroup feature from network modes then how it is possible ?

Disable Homegroup Feature in Windows 7

First method:- 
  • Open computer explorer window by Windows Key + E shortcut in combination, right click on the homegroup button in left tab panel.
  • Click change homegroup settings. 
  • Now open homegroup window and Click  leave the homegroup from bottom side.
Windows 7 Home group
Windows 7 Home group leave
  • New window (Leave the Homegroup)  is showing. It ask to confirm you are like to disable homegroup at this time really.
  • Click on Leave the homegroup tab.
Windows 7 leave home group

Second method:- 
Remove Homegroup from the Navigation pane.
  • Right click on computer icon and select Manage option in drop down menu.
Windows 7 manage menu
  • In Computer management window and double click on services option.
Windows 7 Services
  • Then it is showing lists of services menu here.
  • you have to find Home Group Listener menu from this lists.
Windows 7 Services lists
  • Right click on Homegroup listener  and select its properties.
Windows 7 Home group Properties
  • Here you have to choose disabled option in start up tab.
  • click on Stop button.
  • Finally Click on apply and OK button one by one.
Home group Properties
from windows 7 , Home group feature will be disabled forever.

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