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How to make bootable pen drive for installing XP

When our computer or laptop plugged DVD –writer is not working and windows XP have corrupted at this time. Then important and effective solution quickly about same problem to make USB bootable for Windows XP Install. Through it we can install and format XP without any hurdle.

Actually, we know very well that window XP Installation CD known as  bootable

Modified How To Format Computer and install window XP ?


When you feel Windows XP is not accessing in proper mode due to invalid system configuration, virus attack, loss of system file, computer speed slow than actual speed etc. Then you want to format computer drive and re-install windows XP. At this time you will have to kind attention about important things and follow instructions before format XP.

  • At first, you should have Fresh Windows XP bootable disc (CD) with valid product key.
  • Before starting Installation process Windows XP, you should take backup or save all valuable files, data , etc in USB pen drive or external hard disk .

Step wise step of installation Windows XP :-

  •  Insert Fresh Windows XP bootable disc in DVD drive and reboot computer.

  • When computer  shows Startup screen window,  Open BIOS setting according to motherboard setting . Now select boot setting under boot option – First Boot Device – CD ROM , save it by press F10 button and exit BIOS.

  • After reboot computer,it displays black screen with message “Press any key to boot from CD” and press enter button quickly without any delay for starting Windows XP Installation setup Process.

  • Windows XP Installation setup Process will start and happen in few minutes. When this process end, it shows new message -  “Agree to the terms and conditions”, press F8 – I agree here.

Here installation process of windows XP displays with these messages. 

  • Press R –     Repair of previous installed Window XP
  • Press ESC – Fresh installation of Window XP
  • Press F3-    Quit here from Window XP Installation Process

Select ECS button to keep continue installation process, now drive partition of plugged hard disk is showing here.

  • C:  Partition 1 (NTFS)    -   4056 MB (2385 MB Free)
  • Choose Enter button.

Next window ask to format your computer. Choose format (quick)

Format process will start.

  •  When default drive (C :) format process will complete in few minute,  Now copy of windows XP  files will start.

  • press Enter button for asking reboot computer after finish of copy files.

  • Now your computer will reboot and don't try to hit any key on keyboard during displaying  message – Press any key to boot …...
  • Setup of installation process will start.

  • During run installation Process, It shows as – Regional and Language Option  , hit Next button

  • in new  (Personalize Your Software) window, Type  information in name and organization box according to your opinion. Click Next . 

  • Next window ask to enter valid license product Key (20 digit). press Next button.

 (Mostly preferred valid license key of window XP all versions-


  • New window ask to enter computer name and Administrator password according to your opinion. If you do not want to take action here,  leave blank and select Next button.

  • Now enter current date and Time with correct Time Zone and select Next

  • Choose correct network setting as check on Typical Setting option and click Next

  • Now set workgroup computer domain setting and select No and click Next

  • in new window Select any option and click Next

  • Here enter any user name in showing window and click Next  

  • After installation process of windows XP has finished, Now reboot computer automatically.
  • Your windows XP is loading in Startup after rebooting.

  • Now windows XP  welcome screen has come on screen.

Now enjoy after installing fresh Windows XP in your computer.

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