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How to Access Elevated Command Prompt on Windows 10

Elevated Command Prompt or Command Prompt with administration privileges, a CUI operating system, comes jointly with windows os.  It provides platform from where entire computer system can be controlled.  It is open on windows 10 using by more than one way, all are mentioned under.

Tips to open Command Prompt on Windows 10 – 

First tips:  Using Power Menu -  

·       1. Open Power Menu and click on Command Prompt (Admin).



 Power menu will be opened by right clicking on window button available at left bottom corner of Window 10 screen.
  3. Power menu can be also open by short key Windows + X.  

Second tips: Using Start menu –

·        1.Open start menu and click on Search option. 

     2.Type cmd in the search option and Press Ctrl + Shift + Enter.

·       3.  UAC prompts for your confirmation will appear, click on Yes.

·        Now, Elevated Command Prompt will be opened. 

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