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How to Fix Your PC will Restart in 2 Minutes popup on Windows 10

A popup menu Your PC will Restart in 2 Minute  always appears on windows 10 desktop and as per message computer restarts. It annoys much to users many times. Indeed, it happens with all windows 10 user and they have no any other options except accept it. You can fix this much teasing problem changing setting in system.

Steps to overcome Your PC will restart in 2 Minutes

1.     Click windows button with R key to open Run dialog box.

2.     Type path regedit in Run dialog box and click on Ok button.

3.     This time Registry editor will appear on screen, select Windows update.

4.     Find AU after windows update, if not found then create it by clicking right mouse button in left side of the windows and choose Key.

5.     Rename new key#1 as AU.

6.     Right click on an empty space in the left side of the windows and select DWORD 32 bit value. And change New Value #1 by NoAutoRebootWithLoggedOnUsers.

7.     Double click left mouse button on NoAutoRebootWithLoggedOnUsers.

8.     Enter 1 in Value data option and click on Ok.

Now you have done the Registry hack. Now you will not get Your PC will restart in 2 Minute dialog box.

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