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How to Customize Keyboard Setting on Windows 10

Keyboard, famous as standard input device, allows user to input data into computer system. Windows 10 provide opportunity to its user to change keyboard setting as per user desire. Many changes is possible with keyboard.For example you have to perform task of mouse by keyboard then turn mouse keys, similarly turn on sticky keys to get  help in typing, turn on toggle keys to produce sound after clicking caps lock, Num lock and scroll keys, and many more changes.  How can keyboard setting be changed is written in following paragraph.

Steps to customize keyboard setting –

#. Open Control panel using Start button.

#. In control panel menu, select Ease of Access Center option.

#. Another menu will appear, select make the Keyboard easier to use link. 

#. Now, all changeable option related to keyboard will be shown on screen, customize keyboard setting as per your desire. 

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