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How to Skip Password on Returning from Sleep on Windows 10

Password protected Windows 10 PC requires password at every starting time is well but it asks password each time when it returns from a short period of sleep is not good. In fact, windows 10 has a feature that you can give a short rest to PC from working  after a fixed period of time, but before coming in working mode it requires password. It annoys to user much, so I am writing a short method to overcome to this problem.

Step to skip password on returning from sleep on windows 10 –

#. Type control panel in search box below start menu and click on control panel in search result.

#. In control panel dialog box, click on Power options

#. Click on Require a Password on Wake up in the right sidebar.

#. After that system setting window will appear in which click on Don’t require Password under Password Protection on Wakeup section.

#. Finally, click on save changes.

#. Now, you can test by clicking on sleep button on the power button and hit Enter on the Keyboard to wake up. This time it will not ask password. 

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