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How to Access Control Panel on Windows 10

Control Panel is much significant tool for us in Microsoft windows 10, which allows user to change a lot of things in PC such as keyboard setting, mouse setting, Power, Sound and many more. Here, we will know how to access control panel using multiple ways. All ways to open control panel is explained particularly under.

Tips to open control panel on windows 10 –

Using Start Menu –

#. Press left mouse button on Start button available on windows 10 Taskbar

#. Type Control Panel in Search box and click on consequence.

Open using Run –

#. Use Windows + R to open Run menu.

#. Type control panel in the box and press ok button.

Access using command prompt –

#. Use Windows + R to open run menu.

#. Type cmd in run box and click on ok button.

#. Type start control in command prompt to open control panel.

Using shortcut key –

Use Windows + I at a time and press Enter to open control panel. 

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