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How to Update Driver Software on Windows 10

Driver software is inbuilt program that is installed in computer system with operating system. It is requisite for any attached device to perform work properly. Attached devices will not work in absence of Device driver. Windows 10 operating system provides facility to update device driver. Upgrading will be made using web link mentioned under.

Process to Update Driver Software on Windows 10  

Steps to Update Driver Software on Windows 10 

-> Go to Control Panel and Click on Device Manager 

-> In device manager dialog box, double click on the name of device of which device driver you want to update.

-> A sub menu will appear, right click on the name of the device and again click on Update Driver Software

-> After that, you will get two option of updating in which you have to select anyone and proceed ahead.

-> Finally, a dialog box will appear that will inform you that you driver is up to date or updating will start. 

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