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How to Use Multi Desktop on Windows 10

Windows 10 is designed with a lot of new features among which one is Multi Desktop. This feature enables you to use multiple desktop on a single desktop of windows 10. At any period of working time, more than one program is required to be opened.  In such condition multi desktop feature proves much usable. How multi desktop feature is used on Windows 10 is explained under.

Process to use multi desktop on windows 10 –

#. Press left mouse button on Task view button that exits between Search and Internet Explorer icons on the task bar.

#. Click on Plus symbol to add a new workspace on desktop. Repeat this process as long as you don’t create required workspaces.

#. Launch one or more programs in each workspace.

#. You can move applications from one workspace to another using right click on selected workspace after that on Move to -> Desktop option.

#. You can also adjust workspace on desktop using Control Key with Windows and tapping the left or right keys.

#. You can close multi desktops move mouse over its thumbnail and click on the X button.

#. Multi desktop can be also closed using Task view button. 

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