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How to Start Windows 10 Without Password / Automatically

Password is essential for anyone to hide privacy and protect his PC or laptop from access of another person. It is asked at every starting time by user to be start system. Due to which, at a moments user feels it uneasy and want to remove it. In this condition, Windows 10 users can obviate to enter password each time and start your system automatically. Steps to remove password or start PC automatically is explained under.

Steps to Start Windows 10 without Password –

#. First of all, when you are on Windows 10 start screen, press Windows + R at a time to open Run box.

#. Type netplwiz.exe in the run box and click on OK button.

#. As a result User Accounts window will be on screen, Uncheck “Users must 
enter a username and password to use this computer” and click on Apply button.

#. After that you have to enter your previous password twice in password and confirm password boxes.

#. From now, your PC or Laptop will start without any password. 

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