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How to Access and Utilize Mobility Center Settings in Windows 10

In this blog post, I am going to introduce you with one much interesting feature of Windows 10 Windows Mobility Center which was initially launched in Windows vista. It is used to configure entire computer system which has Windows 10 operating system. Any type of setting of computer system is performed using only Mobility Center Settings.  Now you will learn how to access it in following contents.

Steps to Access Mobility Center Settings in Windows 10 –

There are three ways to access Mobility Center Settings.

Using Start Menu –

First of all, launch Start menu and type Windows Mobility Center in the search box. Thereupon, you will get it in search result. Click on it to open.

Using Control Panel –

Firstly, launch Control panel using any way and click on Hardware and Sound option. Thereafter, click on Windows Mobility Center option in the Hardware and Sound window.

Using Power User Menu -

Right click on Start button icon on the taskbar, a popup menu will appear in which select Windows Mobility Center.

How to Utilize Windows Mobility Center in Windows 10

#. First of all, launch Windows Mobility Center tool which will consist tiles of every settings of Windows 10.

#. For example, it will have Brightness tile to adjust system brightness, Volume tile to adjust volume of computer system, Battery Status tile to exhibits percentage of remaining power, etc.

#. Similar to it, you will get a lot of tiles to manage entire computer system.

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