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How to Boost laptop Battery Life in Windows 10

People who use laptop always question about battery backup that their laptop is not giving sufficient battery backup, their laptop got shut down during a short period and many more. Viewing such problem, I am giving some techniques to Windows 10 user following which you can increase laptop battery backup and its life. In Windows 10, you can customize such settings by which you can boost laptop battery life. I have illustrated these techniques under.

Techniques to boost laptop battery life in Windows 10 –

Decrease Display Screen Brightness

Screen brightness consumes a lot of amount of battery power, if you reduce brightness then life of battery must be increase. You can do it just opening PC settings and adjusting brightness.

Enabling Battery Saver

Battery saver is new feature included in Windows 10, enabling it you can improve your battery life. To do it, Go to PC Setting thereafter click on Battery Saver. After it you get On option to enable Battery Saver feature.

Adjusting Sleep and Display Settings

Configuring Display setting, you can turn off your screen display after a fix time. When you will away from your laptop then after fix time your laptop screen automatically been turn off and power of battery will not be consumed. You can do it using Control Panel.

Note – Similar to it a lot of method is available at above mentioned web link using which you can save life of your laptop battery. 

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