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How to Access Task View, Add a Desktop on Windows 10

As we all know that Windows 10 has been launched with a lot of advanced feature, amongst those one is Task view which is used to create a new desktop, move from one desktop to another, etc. In Windows 10, everyone uses different desktop for different projects or tasks. In such work, Task view is helpful for smooth work. How can be Task view accessed, desktop created etc is mentioned under.

Steps to Access Task View

#. Go to Taskbar where third icon from left side will be of Task view.

#. First icon will be Start menu, second Search and Third Task View.

#. Click on Task view to access it.

Steps to Add a Desktop to Task View –

#. Having clicked on Task view, you will get another screen which will have thumbnail icons.

#. This thumbnail will show current running application. And beneath screen you will see a black color bar exhibiting Add a Desktop text at the center of the bar.

#. Click on Add a Desktop button to create a new Desktop.

#. Now you will get new created desktop thumbnail, click on it and run required application. This thumbnail will have x button which will be used to remove this desktop.

#. From here, you can simply click on anyone to move on that.

Steps to Move Applications from One Desktop to Another

#. Click on Task View available at taskbar of Windows 10 screen.

#. Here, you will see thumbnail of all running application.

#. Right click on that application to which you want to move and select Move -> Desktop 2.

#. After it, application will be moved.

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