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How to change size of Icons and text on Windows 10

Windows 10 offers opportunity to change Size of icon and its text with desired size. Any user facing problem in viewing icon and text clearly due to its small size can increase its size with appropriate one and such one who has larger size icon and text can also decrease it with lesser size. How can size of icon be changed is being illustrated under.

Steps to change the size of all times on windows 10 –

1st Method

#. First of all, launch Start Menu followed by type Control panel in its search box and press ok button.

#. In control panel, click on display option

#. Now you will get option to change size of all items by 100% or 125% directly.

2nd Method

#. In the same display window, check Let me choose one scaling level for all my displays box.

#. After it, click on Custom sizing options link.

#. Instantly, you will get Custom Sizing options window where you can change the size of icons setting desired percentage.

#. And Click on Ok button.

#. Finally, click on Apply button. Thereupon you will be asked to sing out so that changes come in effect. If you don’t sign out then changes will come in effect after restarting of PC.

Note – From display window, you can change size of a particular item only.

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