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How to Run Skype in Windows 10 Smoothly

Skype app was used in Windows 8/8.1 frequently to perform video chatting with the persons are in relationship. Due to its popularity, it was introduced as built-in app in Windows 10. But here, it does not perform video chatting task smoothly and need to configure in Windows 10 Setting. I have stated steps under to overcome this problem. If you are facing such problem then use following steps and be free.

Steps to run Skype in Windows 10 smoothly –

#. First of all, open Start menu and click on PC setting.

#. Under PC setting, click on Privacy option.

#. Search Webcam option under Privacy window. If it is found then Turn on it for the Skype.

#. After it, you will not get any type of problem in starting or running Skype application on Windows 10

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