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How to Clear Information from Tiles on Windows 10

Shortcut of app placed in Start menu or Start Screen is known as tiles. It is categorized into two parts Stable and functional. That tiles come with operating system is known as Stable tiles and that is used to update in all aspects, for example Appointments on calendar, notification from friends etc is known as functional tiles or live tiles. Working on computer on important project, no one desires to be disturbed at this time from any notification. So I suggest you to clear all personal information from Tiles. How it can be done is mentioned under.

Steps to Clear Information from live tiles on windows 10 –

#. Right click on Windows 10 Taskbar and select Properties option of appeared pop up menu.

#. After that, Taskbar and Start Menu properties window will appear on screen in which click on Start Menu Tab.

#. Now you will get option Clear personal info from my tiles under Start menu tab. Click on Clear button of this option.

#. After that click on Ok button to save the changes

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