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How to Exit and Restore Explorer on Windows 10

One common feature of Windows operating system is that it will ask you to restart after successful installation of any application on computer system. Many users don’t like to restart because of working on few interesting matters on computer also at that time and they take help to Task Manager to avoid it. In Windows 10, it also happens and due to which it has offered Exit Explorer feature to get rid from such problems. By default, Exit explore is invisible in Windows 10. By following steps I am writing under it will be visible and used to be free from restarting computer.

Steps to Visible and Use Exit Explore in Windows 10 –

#. Reach in Start Menu of Windows 10.

#. Right click on vacant area of Start Menu while pressing Ctrl and Shift at a time.

#. You will get a pop up menu which will consist of three options Personalize, Properties and Exit Explorer.

#. You can also get Exit explorer on Taskbar by performing same as above. Press Ctrl and Shift at time and same time right click on vacant area of Taskbar. You will get a pop up menu which will have Exit Explorer.

#. Click on Exit Explorer to finish the task of Windows explorer.

#. To bring back Exit explorer, Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys at a time. After that you will get Task Manager Window.

#. In task manager, click on File menu followed by Run new task option

#. Type Explorer in Create new task dialog box and click on Ok button.

#. Now Windows Explorer is back again. 

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