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How to Enable Administrator and Guest Account on Windows 10

I expect all Windows 10 users will be unaware about one thing that when Windows 10 is installed it automatically creates two accounts Administrator account and Guest Account. By default, these two accounts remain inactive and Hidden on system. What account is created by user on windows 10 at first is also treated as Administrator account and main account of system. Difference between user Admn.  Ac.  and build-in Admn. Ac.  is that user Admn. Ac.  faces the prompting of UAC whereas build-in does not. User Admn. Ac. is an un elevated while build-in Admn. Ac. is elevated.

Steps to enable Hidden Administration Account and Guest Account on Windows 10 –

#. First of all, open Elevated Command Prompt on Windows 10 using any simple.

#. In command prompt, type net user and press Enter button to show list of all users accounts of your system.

#. Type net user administration /active:yes command  and press Enter button to activate Hidden Administrator Account.

#. Type net user guest /active:yes command and press Enter button to activate Guest Account.

#. Now you can sign-in into system using build-in administrator account.

#. By default it is not password protected so you need to set password by typing command net user administration*.

#. You can also deactivate build-in Administrator account by command net user administrator /active:no.

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