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How to Enable / Disable OneDrive Fetch File on Windows 10

OneDrive is Microsoft online storage where you can keep your all files, folders, images, videos etc to access any time from anywhere by any device. In any condition you are working on other system, you need files, folders, etc that is in your own system not in OneDrive then its one feature OneDrive Fetch file which allows you to access all items of your computer. How can you enable OneDrive Fetch file feature is explained under?

Steps to enable OneDrive Fetch file on Windows 10 –

#. OneDrive icon remains in system tray, Right click on that and select setting option.

#. Microsoft OneDrive window will appear in which click on setting tab and check Let me use OneDrive to fetch any of my files on this PC option.

#.  To disable it just uncheck the option. 

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