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How to Create System Image Backup in Windows 10

Backup System Image is the most valuable feature of windows 10, which is used to create a back up file of operating system. In any condition, windows 10 get corrupted or not working properly you can use Backup System Image to come operating system in starting form. It saves you from re-installing of Windows 10 and extra burden. How can Backup System Image is created is explained under.

Steps to create System Image Back up in Windows 10 –

#. First of all, click on search box in Start Menu and Type Control Panel.

#. Click on control panel that will come as search result.

#. Click on File History in Control Panel Window, thereafter a small window will 
come in which click on System Image Backup option.

#. A dialog box will come on screen which will ask to choose option where you want to store back file, you have to choose On a hard disk option. You may choose other option as per your desire.

#. Click on Next button after ensuring that selected drive of hard disk has space to store back up file.

#.This time Confirm your backup setting window will be on front of you, click on start backup option.

#. Now you will be backed to Create a System Image window, close the window when you are sure that System Image backup has been created. 

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