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How to fix Video Stuck or Freezes on VLC on Windows

VLC is an open source multimedia player that is used to play CDs, DVDs, VCDs, and many other streaming properties. Today, it has a large number of users over the world and few of those have revealed a problem of getting stuck and freezes during playing a video. After spending a lot of time by playing video on VLC, I found that generally it happens due to old version but also happens in new version. To fix this problem, you require customizing its configuration setting by following the steps I am writing under.

Tips to fix video stuck or freezes on VLC on windows –

#. First of all launch This PC on your computer system.

#. Click on C Drive or where your operating system is installed.

#. In C drive, double click on Program Files to open it.

#. Search VideoLAN in Program files folder and open it.

#. In VideoLAN folder, double click on VLC folder.

#. Double file on executable file of VLC under VLC folder to open VLC Medial Player

#. Click on Tools menu of VLC medial Player and select Preferences option.

#. Preferences windows will appear on screen where click on Reset Preferences link.

#. After it you will get a confirmation dialog box with a message “Are you sure you want to reset your VLC media player preference”.

#. Press left mouse button to click on Ok to confirm it.

#. Once again click on Tools menu followed by Preferences of the VLC medial player to open Preferences window. Select All option of the Show Setting section.

#. In left side of window, click on Video option and uncheck the option Drop late frames and Skip frames on right side of window.

#. Again visit this section and click on Output modules, after it you will see Video output module and a drop down menu corresponding to it. Click on drop down menu and Select Direct 3D video output option.

#. At last click on Save button. 

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