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How to Open and Use Disk Cleanup in Windows 10

Disk cleanup of Windows 10 is used to free computer memory occupied by unwanted files. This maintenance utility feature inspects computer hard drive and deletes files found unwanted. It also deletes those files and folders available in recycle bin, temporary files and not in use for long time. How can Disk Cleanup be used is mentioned under.

Tips to open and use disk cleanup in windows 10 –

#. Open Run dialog box using Windows key with R.

#. Type cleanmgr in the command box and click on Ok button.

#. Or you can type cleanmgr in search box of start menu and click on the cleanmgr found as search result at the top of start menu.

#. After performing either of two ways, you will get Disk Cleanup window where select desire drive and click on Ok button.

#. After that, you will get information about unwanted files available in different files and folders. Deselect to which you don’t want to delete and click on Ok button.

#. After that you will get a confirmation dialog box to delete the selected files and folders. Click on Ok button.

#. While a moment, all selected unwanted files and folders will be deleted.

#. Now if you want to perform disk cleanup on other drive then select other drive and perform as mentioned above.

Note – To clean up the System Files you have to sign in as an administrator. 

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