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How to Turn Off AutoPlay on Windows 10

AutoPlay feature of windows 10 is used to automatically open drive of any inserted DVD or USB flash drive on computer system, which causes in spreading the viruses and is the main root cause of damaging the system. Windows 10, by default, remains AutoPlay feature enabled. To protect system from viruses of DVD or USB, you need to disable AutoPlay feature. How can it be turned off is mentioned under.

Tips to Turn off AutoPlay on Windows 10 –

#. To disable, you have to reach into AutoPlay option.

#. You can reach into AutoPlay option by two ways.

#. First – Click on click on start button and type AutoPlay in Search box and press 
Ok button. Click on AutoPlay option which will come as result.

#. Second – Launch Control panel and then click on AutoPlay option.

#. After performing either of two options, you will get AutoPlay Window dialog box.

#. In AutoPlay setting window you will see an option “Use AutoPlay for all media and devices”, Set it Turn Off by sliding slider.

#. Now you have successfully disabled AutoPlay Setting

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