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How to Repair Stuck Caps Lock and Num Lock on Windows 10

Having been popular Windows 10 Technical Preview, many users have downloaded and installed it on their system. Later on, it is found that all have been facing problem with two keys Caps lock and Num Lock on keyboard. After spending a lot of time on finding its solution, I have found solution to overcome only problem with Caps Lock key. I am still in search of solution of problem with Num Lock. Steps to overcome Caps Lock problem is mentioned under.

Steps to repair stuck caps lock key in Windows 10 –

#. First of all, launch Control Panel and click on Clock, Language and Region option.

#. Instantly Clock, Language and Region window will come on screen in which click on Change input methods link.

#. After that Language window will appear where click on Advanced setting link available left side of window.

#. Now Advanced setting window will be on front of you where click on Change language bar hot keys link.

#. Choose Advanced Key Settings tab under the Text Services and Input languages window.

#. Click on Press the SHIFT key of To turn off Caps Lock.

#. Finally, click on Apply followed by Ok to save changes.

#. Now your Caps lock as well as Shift key will return in its normal functionality. 

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