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How to Run Program Automatically at Startup on Windows 10

Windows 10 provides such feature that allows user to run any most usable application automatically when computer starts. Although, this feature was also introduced in its earlier versions and it was so simple there to run any application automatically. But, in windows 10 it is tougher than earlier. So, I am writing few steps using which you can make any program as startup program very easily.

Tips to run program automatically at startup on windows 10 –

#. Open Run dialog box by pressing Windows and R key jointly.

#. In Run dialog box, type shell:startup on the command field and click on Ok button.

#. Startup folder window will arrive on screen.

#. Create shortcut of program to which you want to run automatically into Startup folder.

#. To create shortcut, right click on vacant area of startup folder and click on new followed by shortcut option.

#. After that you will get Create shortcut window where you to search location of specified program using Browse button and click on Next button.

#. Provide a name to shortcut and click on Finish button.

#. Now application whose shortcut placed into startup folder will execute automatically when computer will start.

#. You can also remove shortcut from Startup folder easily from Task Manager.

Note – You can make any application automatically executable particularly for each user account. 

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