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How to sign out and Lock Windows 10 through Start, Power User Menu

As we all know that Windows 10 is the latest operating system of Microsoft Corporation. Its working system is quite different from previous ones, so I am here writing way to Sign out and Lock Windows 10. Although its Start Screen feature was introduced in Windows 8/8.1 but here Start Screen along with Start menu has been introduced. Windows 10 uses Power options to restart or turn off the personal computer.

Steps to sign out and lock windows 10 using start and power option

1st Method -

#. Right click on Start button and click on Sign Out option of appeared menu.

#. Same menu will appear if you press Windows Key with X button and choose Sign out option.

2nd Method -  

#. Another way – Click on Start button on Taskbar and click on the user account name available on the upper most of start menu

#. You will get a small pop up menu in which click on Sign out or lock option.

3rd Method – If you want to sign out using only keyboard

#. Launch Start menu pressing Windows key from the keyboard.

#. Reach at user account name using arrow keys.

#. Press Enter button to appear popup menu and again use arrow key to reach to lock or sing out

#. Press Enter button

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