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How to Stop Snap View on Windows 8

Snap view in windows 8 permits you to move from one opened apps to another one. Suppose, you have opened two apps MS word and MS excel and at present you are working on MS excel then you can move using Windows + left/right arrow key on MS word. This is performed using Snap view, but who use mouse then they not required this feature mostly. So, you can stop snap view using steps I have mentioned under.

Steps to stop snap view on Windows 8 –

#. Right click on desktop vacant area and select personalize menu.

#. Personalization window will appear on screen, click on Ease of Access Center.

#. Now click on the link Make the keyboard easier to use under Explore all setting.

#. Under Make it easier to manage windows section option, check the option Prevent windows from being automatically arranged when moved to the edge of the screen.

#. Finally, click on Apply button. 

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