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How to Turn Off Hard Disk after a certain Period in Windows 10

Hard Disk is secondary memory of computer system where we all store a huge amount of data in permanent form. It starts functioning when you turn ON computer and stops function when you turn OFF it. It means it works continuously till computer is not turned off. In Windows 10, you can turn off hard disk to give rest for better performance and a long life. In following contexts, I am writing process using which you can give rest to hard disk.

Steps to Turn Off Hard Disk after a Certain Period of the Time in Windows 10 –

#. First of all, open Control Panel on Computer Screen.

#. Click on the Power Option in the Control Panel window.

#. Click on Change Plan Settings link under Power Options window.

#. After it, you will get Edit Plan Settings window on screen in which click on the 

Change advanced power settings link.

#. This will bring you in the Advanced Settings tab of Power Options window where under Balanced (Active) section you will get Hard Disk option. Click on the Hard disk option.

#. Now you will get Turn off hard disk after option. Under it you will get On battery and Plugged In option.

#. Now, Set desired time for desired option. Your hard disk will be turned off after desired time period.

#.  Finally, click on Apply button followed by Ok button to save changes.             

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