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How to Change Default Screenshot Location and Restore again in Windows 10

We all know properly that pictures of screenshot are saved by default in the Screenshot folder under picture folder in Windows 10. We capture whatever happening on computer screen is known as Screenshot. I have explained about it in detail in earlier post. Here, I will discuss about changing default location of Screenshot folder and restoring it again in original file. Screenshot folder can be visited using path C:\Users\YourUsername\Picture\Screenshots”.

Steps to change default screenshot location in Windows 10 –

#. First of all, go to Screenshot folders using path written above.

#. Right click on Screenshots folders and Select Properties option.

#. Now, a Screenshots Properties window will come on screen where in location tab you will see Move option beneath location of Screenshot.

#. Click on Move button to appear Select a Destination window in which select Destination folder where you can want to save screenshot picture.

#. After it, click on Select folder option in the window.

#. Now, you will be navigated into Screenshots Properties window automatically where clicks on Apply followed by Ok button.

#. After it, you will get a new dialog box entitled as Move folder which will ask you that you want to move all old screenshots from older location to newer. Click on Yes to move all otherwise click on No if you do not want to move.

How to Restore the Default location for your Screenshots folder in Windows 10

#. First of all, reach where Screenshot folder is located.

#. Right click on Screenshot folder and select Properties option.

#. Now you will get Screenshots Properties window in which click on Restore Default to move screenshot folder at original location. 

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