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Pin Quick Access to the Start Menu in Windows 10

User-friendly features are the biggest success of any operating system. One such great feature added in Windows 10 operating system is the ‘Quick Access’ feature. There are a number of files and folders, directories and its location which you use every day. Instead of opening it from its respective locations, you may add those to the Quick Access folder.

This Quick Access will act as a File Explorer to your frequently used files, folders, applications and directory locations.

Windows 10 also allows you to pin this Quick Access further to access it in the fastest way. This is done by pinning the Quick Access folder to the start menu. The following steps instruct you as to

 Pin Quick Access to the Start Menu in Windows 10

Step 1:
Go to file explorer. You may click on the Start Menu and then click on Enter key after typing ‘File Explorer’. You may also use the shortcut key combination – Window Key + E to go to File Explorer.

Step 2:
In the Right Navigation pane, you will find Quick Access. Right Click on it and select ‘Pin to Start’ from the options that appear. This will Pin Quick Access to the Start Menu in Windows 10.
Pin Quick Access to the Start Menu in Windows 10

You may check if the process was successful by going to the start menu. If you find a Quick Access tile then you have pinned the Quick Access to the start menu successfully.

To access the file location, you may just click on the Quick Access tile. Once you are in the Quick Access file location, you may add your frequently used files, folders and application shortcuts to this folder. This will help you access the particular file, folder or application very quickly saving a lot of time.

You can also add a shortcut to Quick Access file location to the Desktop. Right click on the Quick access and select ‘Send to’ Option from the list that appears. If you select ‘Desktop (create shortcut)’ from the list that appears further, a shortcut to Quick Access would have been created and placed in the desktop.

Removing Quick Access

It is very simple to remove the Quick Access tile. Just right click on the tile and you will find an option ‘Unpin from Start’. Click on it and you will find that the tile has already disappeared.
You can hereby save a lot of time by adding all your frequently used files, folders and applications to Quick Access by following the above-mentioned steps carefully.

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