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Quickest Ways to Delete Large Folder in Windows 10

The usual and the formal way of removing needless documents in Windows is with the help of Windows Explorer. The need for the quickest ways to delete large folder arises at the time of deleting a large folder as it takes a long time. Thus the process becomes a bit tiring as it takes a lot of waiting time.

These few ways to delete large folder in Windows releases us from the trouble of dealing with big and complex folders. Moreover, to delete the data entirely from the device through standard deletion process you need to vacate the recycle bin too.

Once the folder deletion begins, Windows start calculating the total folder size, the number of contents in it. Depending on the contents for deletion it estimates the completion time. Then it shows the real time deletion along with a statistical table. This entire process then takes a lot of time and hence is the need for quick ways.

Quickest Ways to Delete Large Folder in Windows

Through Registry Editor

Step 1 - Open the Run box and type regedit in the box. Do not forget to press Enter to execute the command.

Step 2 - Here go through the following path by unfolding keys.


Step 3 - Now input a right click on Shell choose the option New followed by Key. Click on the option Key and name it as Fast & Delete.

Quickest Ways to Delete Large Folder in Windows pic 1

Step 4 - Again input a right tap on Fast & Delete and create a key naming it Command.

Step 5 - Then move to the right pane of the Command key and then again input a double tap on the Default option. This will help in opening a box in view.

Quickest Ways to Delete Large Folder in Windows pic 2

Step 6 - In this box hit on the value data field type the given data. Press OK for the execution of the command.

cmd /c “cd %1 && fastdel.bat”

Quickest Ways to Delete Large Folder in Windows pic 3

Now close the Registry Editor and from the next time whenever right tap on any of the folder to delete it then the option of Fast Delete is available there.

Through Command Prompt

Step 1 - Tap to open the File Explorer and then hit the View tab on the screen. Here press the option File name Extensions to enable it.

Step 2 - Now choose the folder for deletion from the File Explorer. Click open the Command Prompt by typing cmd in the Cortana search box.

Step 3 - After that write cmd in the Search box to open the Command Prompt. Now in the black panel of the prompt type the given data.


Replace X with the folder name that requires deletion.

Step 4 - Close the command prompt to see if the deletion is successful.

Do not forget to sign in as Admin in the Command prompt.

Concluding Words

So here we find a quick solution for dealing with the deletion issues of large folders. These are very effortless and time-saving steps and will help in the deletion of folders from the desktop. It actually saves in not only time but also saves the user from monotony. Hence use these quickest Ways to Delete Large Folder in Windows.

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