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How to Use Avira Free Software updater

Using Avira Free Software Updater - Softwares that we use in your device needs upgradations time and again. This is actually recommended keeping in mind the security of your device. The older the version the more it is inclined to security issues. There are few other reasons such as new features and stability of the software.Understanding the usage of software upgradations now would you like to know about a free software updater. If yes then continue with this article. Avira Free Software Updater is an initiative for Windows 10 by a German company Avira. It looks for the software updates in Windows 10 PC.

Avira Free Software Updater helps you to update the software in a pretty effective manner. This program helps in detecting the old software and allows you to replace it with a newer version.There are a few reasons as to why people do not want to upgrade their software. If the newer version is not as effective as the older version or if the PC does not have the licence for the newer version.

What is  Avira Free Software Updater?

At the first place, you need to download Avira Free Software Updater. Here it is most noteworthy mentioning that Avira Free Software Updater is installed as an extension of Google Chrome. Moreover, you cannot bar this from happening with the help of the program. However, if you do not want this then you can terminate it when chrome asks during installation.

How to use Avira Free Software Updater?

Once you run the Avira Free Software Updater it scans the software and forms a list of all the outdated ones. Generally, on that page, you will find the program name and the developer. You can also see the link to the program as well as an update button.

The download icon provides you with the version the program is presently using. You basically cannot access to see if there is any newer version available or not. However, in order to know the latest version, you can visit the website and manually download the latest version.

Now if you in recent times have updated a software and you require a status report it is possible. All you have to do is use the Rescan button. This will tell you the status of the installation of the software.

You can also get some additional information with the help of the two menu options on the left. The two of them are My software and Events. Events keep a record of all the updates and scan of the device. On the other hand, My Software provides you with the list of all the programs that Avira Free Software Updater found. My Software, of course, appears to support only a limited programs, though.

There is a Pro version of Avira Free Software Updater called Avira Free Software Updater Pro. This version has a choice of automatically updating the software of your device. The Pro version is of course not a free one. It usually charges €24.95 for a year of usage.

To sum it up Avira Free Software Updater is a useful program which leads you to update your software easily. Even if there are a few hitches it does the upgradations with ease. So download it and enjoy the services.

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