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Rare Tips and Tricks to Manage Windows 8 Start Screen Tiles

If you want to get the different look on your Windows 8 and make this attractive then you sure have to go with live Windows Tiles. Now the demand for the Tiles is growing up at an anomalous rate to the Smartphones, Tablets and PC users. Whereas most of the PC users are not compatible with this amazing feature because they are often confused while working. But you have not to worry about this. You can get this feature without any trouble by the following tips and tricks below.

Windows Tiles in really are the modern look of the previous start menu. It becomes more popular for the Windows users when live tiles are added. Windows Tiles allow you to do many things which cannot be possible usually by Start Menu. We are elaborating this post for the new users of Windows 8 hopefully you would be interested to upgrade after follows the tips and tricks.

Rare Tips and Tricks to Manage Windows 8 Start Screen Tiles

How to Manage Windows 8 Start Screen Tiles

When you open your PC then Windows 8 will take you to the Start screen first. And you will see Tiles in that start screen. You will find that some of them are live and some are none. If you want to go to the Start Screen then press Start Button.

How to Manage the Pin/Unpin Windows Tiles from Start

Windows 8 has some built in apps which can be processed from Start Screen. If you want to get the shortcut in the Start then install a new program. But you need sometimes to pin or unpin tiles from Start Screen.

Pin to Start

Step1: Click right-button of the mouse pointer on that app to pin the desired app.
Step2: Now choose Pin to Start option from the menu.
Step3: You can also choose Pin to the Taskbar to get the access there quickly as the image given below.

Unpin from Start

Step1: If you want to unpin an item from the Start, then first go to Start Screen.
Step2: And click right mouse button on that item which is to be unpinned.
Step3: Choose the option Unpin from Start as given below in the figure.

How to Show/Hide Administrative Tiles

Administrative Tiles are usually hidden from start menu by default. So you have to open administrative functions from Run even on the earlier version of Windows. Although if you want to show Administrative Tiles then follow few steps here and you will get many handy tools from there.
Step1: Press Start option at first.
Step2: Then open Charm by moving your mouse pointer to the upper corner.
Step3: Now tap on the Settings gear to choose Tiles.
Step4: Then choose option Show Administrative Tools and slide to option Yes.

How to Turn Live Tile On/Off

Live Tiles are the most amazing features of Windows 8. If you want to enjoy the Live Tiles then you have to be connected to the Internet at the desired speed of net which is minimum 512 kbps to work with live tiles. Live Tiles will be updated always. You get everything as you want like News, Sports, Weather, Mail, Message, Windows Store and much more.
Live Tiles are not for you if you are using a limited bandwidth. Because it consumes more data so you should keep them turned off.
Step1: Firstly click right button of the mouse pointer over that item.
Step2: Now choose the option Turn Live Tile Off. But if you see Turn Live Tile On, which means the item is already turned off.

How to Resize/Reposition Tiles

Windows 8 has options to resize and rearrange the tiles. Now follow the few steps to resize and to arrange the tiles.
To Resize - Click right button of mouse pointer on the item to choose Smaller or Larger although some items are not changeable. You have only two options of shapes in Windows 8 but a lot more in latest version Windows 8.1 PC.
To Reposition - Place anywhere by just hitting on an item and drag. There is no group of Tiles in Windows 8 but in Windows 8.1, tiles are divided into groups. Also, you can rename the group.

How to Switch Between Apps

Windows 8 has made the multi tasking easier. If you want to run multiple apps at the same time in this version then follow the steps here.
Step1: Firstly open 3 or 4 apps randomly and move mouse pointer to the upper left corner of your screen.
Step2: Now you can see the app thumbnails as the figure shows below.
Step3: Choose an app that you want to jump in to.
Otherwise, you can also press Alt + Tab to switch between programs.

How to Close the Apps

If you want to close the app then you have to press Alt + F4. Although you can use your mouse also. Move the mouse pointer to the top of the app then you will get a hand icon and drag it to the bottom then your app will be closed.
Note: You should never run too many applications at the same time otherwise your PC would be slow down. So, close all the undesired applications to work safely.

How to Uninstall the Apps

You can uninstall built in apps from Start. Although these apps cannot be removed from Control Panel. Click right mouse button on an item and choose Uninstall then it would be removed immediately.

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