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Steps to Change Bios Settings in Windows 10

You can successfully change Bios Settings in Windows 10. The expansion of the term BIOS is Basic Input Output System. Bios is a stack of computer commands in firmware which controls the input and output functions. The Bios is the most important setup program of a device. Turning on a  computer actually means turning the Bios of the computer on, which in turn loads the rest of the computer's hardware.

Since Bios is related to the motherboard of a device, therefore, each BIOS will vary in look with the other. This variation is due to the difference of the manufacturers. The BIOS is where you get the option to boot up with the logo.

We at times need to make a few alterations in the Bios as per our needs.

How to Change Bios Settings in Windows 10

Step 1 - Press the Shift key and hit the Shut Down button to close the device completely. This technique is for complete shut down of the PC.

Step 2 - After closing the PC now begin the PC by hitting the ON button. Since it was a complete shut down of the device therefore after starting the PC directly opens the Bios. (

Step 3 - The series of controls is usually on the bottom of the right side on the Bios page. The Bios page does not support mouse input clicks. Hence to make movement you need to use the arrow keys.

Step 4 - To stop any unauthorized person from changing the Boot settings create a password on booting. After creating password no one can alter the booting process without putting in the password. This is possible through the Security tab on the Bios Setup page.

Step 5 - It also lets you specify the boot sequence from the available devices. To rearrange the booting order that means which device begins the booting procedure click on the Boot tab. This process is useful during the time of repairing an OS.

Step 6 - Use the Main tab to reform the date and the hour of the PC. Any tampering with the battery can lead to the change of the info.

Step 7 - With the help of the Power tab, it is possible to change the system voltage and the speed of the fan of a device.

But it is noteworthy mentioning that this option is for the expertise only. Moreover, try this option only if the hardware of the device permits it.

Step 8 -  Once you change Bios settings as per the need and requirement of the time it is important to save it. For that purpose move on the Exit tab and hit Save Changes and Exit.

Concluding Words

You may take the liberty to change Bios setting on your computer. But it is also very important mentioning that changing the settings without exactly knowing the result or any irrelevant changing can cause irreversible damage to your computer. Hence if you are not sure about the outcome then it is always advisable not to try it.

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