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How to use the Galaxy S4 online simulator

With the Galaxy S4, Samsung has gripped its aim of overall smartphone domination. The newest Android 4.2 Jelly Bean version installed Galaxy S4 device may be compared with the striking HTC One and the moveable iPhone 5. Galaxy S4 device is running with the quad-core processor, 5-inch HD screen, 13-megapixel camera, and updated apps. Now you are ready to share your ideas with the Samsung Galaxy S4 new features and tweaks. If you don’t want to aware all the Galaxy S4 features to your local retailer then explore the Samsung's Galaxy S4 online simulator. The simulator is a great way to learn an idea about all the Smartphone’s features in a single place either manually or by someone who you are helping. Samsung has already provided online simulators for the Galaxy Nexus and the Note smartphone. With the reveal of the new Galaxy S4 series, Samsung has restructured the simulator's web interface to view and print the tutorials easily in slide view. How to use the Galaxy S4 online simulator? step 1

At first, start your web browser.
Next copy the below given entire URL link and paste it to your browser tab.

Click on the link to direct access in new browse tab. Step 2

Once the Galaxy S4 online simulator window loads successfully on your web browser, go to at the bottom panel and click on using the Simulator link under category panel. Actually, this link lets you move your mouse cursor over a category one by one to read or view the related slide view tutorials.
The Galaxy S4 online simulator window has covered slide view tutorials of following categories. For example - Basic functions, Customize screens, Screen lock Communication, Connectivity, Services, Multimedia, and Settings.  Advice All of the slide view tutorials are printable and contain large useful pictures and step-by-step instructions. So it is easy to take print of the selected topics using your printer. To do it,

At first, move your mouse cursor over the selected categories and choose your preferred option from the appeared panel.
Now the selected option will be opened in a new browser tab.
Then click on printer icon on the left side.

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