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How To Active Secret Hidden New Start Screen on Windows 10

At an early stage, Microsoft has released the Windows 10 Technical Preview. In this new operating system, you have encountered many new and smart features comparing to Windows 8/8.1 OS. Now, Microsoft again updated its OS as named under Windows 10 Technical Preview 3 (Build 9879). Microsoft allows you to download and upgrade the latest version of Windows 10. It comes with a new secret Smart Screen feature which is known as the Continuum UI. In fact, Continuum UI is the improved version of Metro. It is just about switching between the touch UI and the mouse or keyboard-centric UI as depending on that peripheral is attached to your PC and however, it is docked or undocked.

As it seems that both the current Start menu and Start screen UIs would be replaced by the Continuum User Interface in future. It works also in Window mode. In this article, we are sophisticating to active the new Start Screen feature "Continuum UI" on your PC desktop. Let you know the following essential tips in the easy and simple way.

How to active the secret Continuum UI screen on Windows 10
Here, you can enable the hidden Continuum UI by using Registry Tweak. Firstly, you should have the latest Windows 10 Build 9879 Technical Preview 3 and then use the next step which has described below:

1. Press Windows button and R key simultaneously and write the text regedit.exe in the open box to launch the Registry Editor on your desktop.

2. Now, navigate the following Registry Key as below:


Note: If the above keys does not exist already then you have created manually.

3. In the current registry key Launcher, create a new DWORD value of 1 under UseExperience name.

4. Now you can check it after signing out or restarting your the Explorer Shell once again.

Hope, you will really enjoy this new feature Continuum UI ( similar to Smart Screen) on your PC comfortably.

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