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How to Play PUBG on Windows 10

Player Unknown's Battlegrounds or as it is popularly known, PUBG, is a worldwide trending online multiplayer fighting game. The popularity it has gained in the past year is just tremendous and it has beaten almost every game in terms of the number of downloads.

PUBG is available for both mobile phones and PCs but the PC version of the game costs for around $30. As the mobile version is free of cost and it is known that mobile apps can be easily run on a PC using an emulator, most people don't prefer to purchase the PC version. The fact was known to

Tencent as well, therefore, it launched its own emulator for the same purpose.
Well, now the question is why on PC when it is so easily available on mobile phones? The answer is ease in control and aiming. Gamers can much easily understand the difference. Using a mouse for control is much easier than controlling with fingers on mobile phones and provide an edge to the user.
In this article, you will get to learn you how to install PUBG in Windows 10 and play it for free.

Steps to get PUBG on Windows 10

Here are the steps to get PUBG going on Windows 10

Step 1: First, you need to install an emulator. You can use any Android emulator but for the compatibility of the game, I suggest you go to the Tencent website and download the official emulator.

Step 2: Since the emulator is specially designed for PUBG, you don't need to do much. Once you download and install, it will automatically start downloading the game files. You only need to click on a 'START' button once on Tencent Gaming Buddy which opens after you install the emulator. The game files will start downloading after the click. Remember the game files are big and it may take a while for the game to download. Meanwhile, you don't need to do anything. Just sit back and relax.

Step 3: Once the files are downloaded, you can adjust the graphics quality according to your PC.

Step 4: The controls are adjusted by default on WASD controls. You can change them if you prefer to. There are other settings like the sensitivity you may want to change.
If you have played PUBG before on mobile, it is going to be a piece of cake for you otherwise it may take a while for you to adjust. Just like in PUBG Mobile you can play as a guest or sign in using your Facebook account and play with your friends.

If you are a newbie here is a quick guide for playing PUBG

Most of the other fighting or shooting games have the aim of making the most kills. However, the aim of PUBG is to survive until the end, no matter how many kills you take. The art of the game is not just aiming and shooting. It requires high skills of hiding and teamwork as well if you are playing with the squad.

Modes and players

There are different modes in the game which include the Classic mode and the Arcade mode. The Classic mode is the standard battle experience with 98-100 players while the Arcade mode drops 28 players in some popular location with some weapons. The zone is smaller and the game is quicker than the Classic mode. You can play the game solo, duo or with a squad of 4 members.

Map and the beginning

The map of Erangel comes downloaded by default. You need to download the other maps. After choosing the mode and map, click on the START button. You will spawn in an aeroplane, and you need to land at some location. Well, landing at the desired spot and in less time is a work of art as well and requires practice. Jumping in a place with more houses or hiding places would be helpful. You will discover the tricks as you play.

After landing...

Once you have landed, your job is to collect weapons from the houses and other locations, defend yourself, and survive till the end. You also need to take care to always be in the white circle which you can see on the map which is on the top right of your screen. Keep an eye on the timer and fall back to safe zone otherwise, the blue zone will get you killed.

Surviving until the end needs a good strategy of shooting, hiding, and teamwork. Practice will improve your game gradually. Once you get a good idea of the game you will start winning and getting 'Chicken Dinners'.

Have fun and enjoy your 'Chicken dinner'.

That's all!

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