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Windows 10 October 2020 Update Version 2009 Overview

The windows 10 October, 2020 updates are here and it packs with itself a whole bunch of enhanced features and upgrades pertaining to our needs in this post corona era. Microsoft has put a lot of emphasis on how safe and secure their workspace could be made by adding secure biometric sign-in, virtualization-based security system for both MS Office and Edge, moreover the enhanced granular control in mobile device management allows one to keep a stronger leash over all their mobile devices.

In its effort to make working from home or learning at home more immersive and secure experience along with a smooth and simplified user interface Microsoft has delivered us an improved more efficient web browser Microsoft Edge. MS Edge comes loaded with a whole bunch of essential features that are going to set a yardstick of experience in the web browsing world. With all its features pertaining to a user’s requirement, Microsoft has tried to deliver all that in this October 2020 upgrade and they don’t shy from claiming that it’s the best browser for shopping online. Edge comes with essential features such as everyone’s favorite “Alt+Tab” to make effortless shifting through different tabs and the all new Collection function that allows you to save and share pages or contents that you have saved while browsing online, in tandem with this there’s a ground breaking new feature “Price Comparison” which allows a user to compare price of a particular product that you have saved in your collection from different online shopping platforms in one place. 

Along with these essential upgrades the new and improved interface of the start menu is also something you’d be glad about. The new streamlined design and the light colored theme adds to the comfort quotient of the windows 10 OS. And for those users who tend to toggle between the comfort of their laptop and tab would be pleased to know that now your windows would switch automatically to tablet mode once you detach the keyboard without any kind of notification toast asking for your permission. Moreover, you can now personalize your pc with the new color personalization and Dark theme in settings and add it to the start menu tiles and the taskbar according to your preference. Adding to this the smooth settings with the enhanced refresh rate renders an immersive gaming experience.

So with so many essential upgrades and features, the new Microsoft update has taken its game up to a whole new level and to sum it all up in once a line “it’s an October bonanza update.. !! ” as it’s available to all for free. Go on and check for yourselves and let us know which feature you are glad to have in this new update.

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