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How to lock your Personal Photo and Video: Gallery Lock

 Gallery Lock is a very app of Android which allows you to safeguard your personal pictures and videos at a secure place. The interface of this app is pretty simple but attractive. The most important thing about this app is that it doesn’t take too much your internal storage space which is usually taken by other Locks available in the market like: - App Lock, Smart Lock etc.

Protecting some of our pictures or videos is the need of the hour. There are so many stuffs which we used to keep in our Smartphone which might seem to be okay in our friend circle. However, the same stuff when released among our family members would haunt us. This is why everyone wants to either lock or hide some of their stuff from the reach of everyone. There could also be some pictures related to Business which is not be seen by everyone.

Some people often forget their password to access FB account, Gmail etc. One thing you can do here is to write down your password against the user-id, take a screenshot of this and save it to the Security Cards Section. Gallery Lock is one such app that would provide ultimate protection to your files unless you use a weak or very common password. You can have this app by searching for Gallery Lock in Google Play Store.

How to Use this Safeguarding App

Once you have installed this app on your device, open this by tapping on its icon present in the download section of your mobile. For the first time, it will show a number lock pad along with initial password on the screen. Use this password to open the lock of this app for the first time. Remember to change its default password by clicking on Settings option which is shown in the above screenshot (second slide).

You could also add new folder on this app. Just go to the leftmost bottom of the above screenshot. Here, you will see “Add Folder” option. Click on it and you were asked to give any particular name to the folder otherwise it would be named New Folder by default.

To add any photo or video to this app, first, you have to open the folder in which you would like to keep the respective photo or video. Here in the below-shown screenshot, I have opened Business folder and going to add some Pictures. You could also adjust some of the default settings of this app like: - View Mode, Take pictures/ Shoot vids and Sort By. All of these settings are shown below along with their icon to reach there.

Rest of all the actions of this app is very simple and doesn’t require any introduction. Install this app today itself and secure your personal photos/ Business Photos at one place.


Gallery Lock is one of the most used Locking apps with 3Lakh+ download. If you are looking for a lightweight locking app which provides up-to-date protection to your files kept inside, Gallery Lock might end the quest to your findings. Use this app on your smartphone, and let us know your views about this app in the comment box below.

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