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How to play effectively City Jump Game on Android

 City Jump is a free android gaming app. The basic principle behind this game is very simple. All you have to do is to Run and that too nonstop. In between the games, hurdles or obstacles continue to come and you have to safe yourself from all of them. Like any other game, there are also some power boosters provided in this game which would help you to increase the score point. A shield is also present in between the game which brings you one extra life.

The interface of this game is simple but attractive. Once get addicted, you would always want to score high and even higher. There is no end to this game like - Temple Run, Subway Surfer, etc. It is in some way more complex as compared to the games mentioned. This is because here, you have to keep on tapping and the more you reach higher, no of obstacles as well as hurdles increase.

Search for City Jump in Google Play Store and install this app on to your Smartphone directly.

How to play this game

Once you have installed this gaming app on to your Smartphone, tap on its icon to open the game. A new window just like the first slide of below shown screenshot will open up on your Mobile.

When you click on Play button, a new window will open just like the 2nd Slide shown above. Here, you can opt between three games, The Origin, Xmas Fantasy, and the Story Mode. While the first two games have different set-ups and styles, the third mode i.e. Story Mode is a combination of the first two games and makes up a simple story.

For new users, it would be good if he/she starts playing with the “The Origin” mode as this one is more exciting and its interface is prettier than the latter. Even the power-ups used in this mode are of thrilling one like: - The Superman, Invisible Man and the Hulk. A screenshot is shown below which consists of all the different power-ups being used in this mode. While the invisible man and Hulk are for there for few seconds once formed, Superman is for a few seconds more as compared to earlier ones.

For getting any power booster, you have to break one type of booster three times consecutively. This is the basic idea. Even if you break up two boosters of the same kind and then break another booster, your previous count would be lost and you have to start fresh. There are hurdles to present out there on the wall. You have to stay out of them and never get close to them otherwise, you would lose the game.

The power-ups being used in the Xmas Fantasy are of a simpler type and they are Round Snow, Deer, and Disc. A screenshot of these power-ups are shown below:

While the first slide belongs to the “The Origin” mode game, rest two belongs to “Xmas Fantasy”. The first slide shows the use of shield. They are present there in middle of the game. Once you have taken them, you get one more life i.e. even you hit with the hurdles present on the wall or obstacles running here and there you would lose shield not life.

Note: - You have to keep yourself patient and focus on three things at one glance in any run. They are following.

  1. Keeps on tapping as otherwise, you will hit yourself against any hurdle.
  2. Focus on obstacles falling from the sky and try to grab the shield as it gives you one more life.
  3. Take any of the different boosters three times as it will increase your speed drastically.


City Jump is one of the best gaming apps on Android smartphone. This is a game of proper concentration, frequent decision making, the ability to think beforehand, etc. In other words, it is a Mind Game rather than just a Running Game and making Big Scores. Play this game yourself and tell us your insights about this game in Comment Box.

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