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How to Read the Hindu Paper Online: - The Hindu

 The Hindu is a free app of Android which helps its users to read current news from all sections whether it is Top Stories, Breaking News, Technology, Sciences, etc. There is no doubt that The Hindu is the best Newspaper all across India. The news provided in this paper is of standard one whether it comes from Editorial, Spiritual or International.

However, there is one problem related to this paper and that is it often reaches after one day from its actual day of publishing. This is really a little frustrating. While the contents of this Paper are awesome, but reading about news which we already know one day before is a little boring. Example: - News related to Sports, Share Markets, etc. It all occurs because of the timing adjustment in distributions.

The Hindu app in contrary doesn’t follow the same path and provides NEWS at an appropriate time. It consists of various sections starting from Top Stories to Business. All you have to do is to go to Google Play Store, search for “The Hindu”, and Install it on your Smartphone. This is a very lightweight app.

How to Use this App

Once you have installed this app on your smartphone, open this app by tapping on its Icon. This will open a window that would ask you to opt for different sections. The sections to which you opt initially will be displayed on your main menu. You don’t need to worry right now as it could also be adjusted afterward. Just select a few of them and press ok. You can add or remove different sections at some later stage too which is explained at the end of the article.

Once you are done with the selection of different sections, it will open a window which is shown below in the screenshot.

Scrolling down will open the next screen as shown side by side in the above screenshot. In similar way, keep scrolling and you will get new topics. Here, you can see all the news is from recent ones. You could also look out for older news by selecting any particular section and keep scrolling down.

These topics are from the sections which you had opted right after the opening of this App for the first time. To change these sections, go directly to the bottom of the Main Menu. There you will find an option of “Add Sections”. Click on this option and it will open a new screen which is shown below:

This will open the Settings Section of this App. Here, you can see tick against the Top Stories, Breaking News. All you have to do is to scroll down and tick against the section from which you want to receive the news or untick those section which doesn’t interest you. This is pretty simple, isn’t it?

Again if you want to use this app at the night, you could always turn on the button against the Night Mode. There is yet another interesting option present in Settings which is Notifications. If you want current news to be displayed as a notification on your Smartphone, just do the same as you did it for Night Mode.

At any time if you want to explore this app and look out for some news other than the ones you had already selected, you can click on the three-lined option. This will open the following Window with Sections and Subsections.

Here, you can see lots of sections starting from Home to Features and even more. Most of the Section consists of various sub-sections like: - Sport Comprises of Cricket, Football, Tennis, etc. Just go here and there and enjoy reading The Hindu paper right into your hand.


The Hindu app brings The Hindu paper right into your hand without any charge and time delay. What could be even better than this? This app provides you News from different sections whether it is Entertainment, Technology, Politics, etc. Download this app and write your views about this app in the comment box below.

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