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How To Create Manually Restore Point for Windows 7 System Restore?

System Restore feature in windows 7  performs in default mode always. But creating manual restore point  before installing new software, hardware driver install and more are effective. If once time manual system restore point has made in windows 7 then you can restore in simple process.
 Create manual system restore point in windows 7 - 
  • Go to Computer icon in desktop and choose its Properties by right click
System propeties
  • Open System properties window and click  link - System protection in left panel.
Windows 7 System protection
  •  Now you will find  System protection tab.
Type Restore Point Message
  • in this tab you can type any description in blank box.
My Test Restore Point
Before New Antivirus
Before Installing Questionable Application
Before Installing Hardware Driver / Sofware
After Windows 7 Operating Installation
  • Now click on Create button and manual restore point will complete  in few moment.
  • After creating system Restore point , it will show message in tab- The restore Point was Created Successfully.

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