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5 Brand New Windows 8 Apps for Kids...

Computer has a lot things to offers its users be either adult or kids. Adults uses computer for completing  assignments and other activity leading to entertainment while kids are seen to engage in playing Game as well as Studying Tutorials on their computers. With the advent of Windows 8 and its in-build apps, users have many more options to engage himself / herself at their computer system. These apps include with Puzzles, Games, Study assistance etc. Now, I am going to discuss brand new Apps of Windows 8 which made specially for entertaining Kids.

Under Web Store of Windows 8, the Apps known with 'Number Magic' is made for giving experience of both learn and fun at the same time. Number Magic is an educational game. Through Number Magic Apps kids can learn the basic mathematical skill like add, subtract, multiply and divide.
number magic apps
Other fascinating apps Windows 8 has 'Paint 4 Kids'. It is seen art of painting begins at early age of life. The Paint 4 Kids apps helps to learn the skill of painting. Paint 4 Kids contains numerous in built drawing images and it is asked to colour their imagination. Besides of built-in drawing Kids can choose own canvass to draw images and take print out of their arts as well.
paint 4 kids
'Bubble Star' is another Apps of Windows 8 web store, which is designed for purpose of more fun. It is very easy to play. You need to match three bubbles of same colours to pop them up. After removing all matched bubbles you will be declared winner of Bubble Star gaming apps.
bubble star
'My Baby Piano' another interesting apps of Windows 8, which is made for entertaining Kids. It is popular music app. It is made specially for Kids who like to learn music. This app has numerous type of children songs. Adding sound of drum makes songs more exciting. In both free and paid version My Baby Piano app are available.
my baby piano
In stuff of Windows 8 Apps store, an important child centric app is 'Bubble Shooter'. This app is based on cool graphics, jungle sounds with innovative design en-thrills you. Pop batches of funny birds by tossing other birds at them and try matching sets of three or more birds of same colour. Every matching activity earn more scores.
bubble shooter

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