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How To Make Wi-Fi (Ad-hoc) connection in window 7

We will discuss how to make connection among two computer or laptop from Wi-Fi or wireless in windows 7. Generally this is known also ad hoc wireless network.

At first, a user will have to understand about need hardware equipment for establishing wireless connection between two computers or laptop.

I like a nice post which was related to WiFi in windows 8. You may get tips to make WiFi connection from here. If user has decided to connect two desktop PC through wireless( ad-hoc) connection without using wireless access point, firstly arrange two WiFi support LAN card from market. Actually desktop PC motherboard equipped with Ethernet LAN card (referred as NIC Card) always. User may purchase any following company manufacturer ( Belkin, TP-Link, Netgear, Edimax, Acetec, Linksys, Broadcom etc) wireless card. After purchasing wireless card plug it in computer motherboard PCI slot properly and install supporting software and hardware drivers from CD disk.
    If users have two laptops or notebooks then no need of purchasing external WiFi cards because laptops are plugged already internal WiFi LAN card.

Both Desktop PC and laptop should be installed WiFi card hardware driver in better modes. For knowing WiFi card is install proper then may check following stages.

How can you check WiFi card is install properly in computer or laptop.

  • Right click on my computer icon from desktop, select Manage option.
Computer Management Open

  • Choose Device Manager  in left tab, then list of plugged hardware peripherals will display in right side.
  • click on Network adapters button. Find install WiFi card – Realtek RTL8191SE 802.11b/g/n WiFi Adapter
Device Manager
Method- 2
  • Click on start button from desktop, select Control panel option.
Open Control Panel
  • Find Network and Sharing Center button.
Network and Sharing Open
  •  click on change adapter setting from left tab.
Find Change Adapter setting
  • in new window, find WiFi card Icon in list view.
View WIFI card in computer

Steps for establishing two computer or laptop through Wi-fi.

At first, a user will have to configure computer name and assign same workgroup name of both computer or laptop.

  • First computer name- Navin –PC 
  • Second computer name- Abhishek-PC
To configure computer name and workgroup name of both computer / laptop  how?
First computer - - Navin –PC
  • Right click on computer icon from desktop, select Properties.
Computer Properties
  • open computer properties window, click  change setting in right side.
Workgroup Setting
  • Now open system properties window then click on change option.
System Properties
  • Now open Computer Name and domain changes window, here type your optional computer name in box – NAVIN-PC and select workgroup tab – Set WORKGROUP.  At last, click on OK button.
Domain Changes

Second Computer – ABHISHEK-PC
user will configure computer name and set work group in second computer or laptop by above-given procedures.

Computer name
After, configure computer name and workgroup of both PC or laptop now user is ready to set up WiFi connection  in first computer (NAVIN-PC)-
  • Click on Start button, Open  Control panel window
Find Control Panel window
  • Now click on Network and Sharing Center  window
Network and Sharing Menu
  • Here choose option – set up a new...............  network.
Setup New network Connection Network
  • select set up a wireless ad hoc ..............  network and click on Next Button.
Setup wirelss Adhoc mode
  • In new window ( Set up a Wireless ad hoc network) click  Next button.
Wireless Setup in adhoc mode Process
  • open new window set up a wireless ad hoc network.  Here user has to select manual to setup ad-hoc connection as follow:
          1.       Network name -     Intel or anything according to your opinion
         2.       Security Type –        No authentication(Open) 
          3.      Security Key -            leave blank   
  • check the box- Start the Connection automatically. click Next.
Type information in wifi setup
  •  select Close button in next window.
  • Restart  computer.
Change Connection Setting

In second computer, (ABHISHEK-PC) find active Intel wireless network.
  • Go to taskbar and click network icon button. When it is displaying drop down list click  connect button.
  • After successful connection will establish among two computer or laptop,  it will show in taskbar as below image.
 Find Network and Sharing Option in Taskbar
Check wireless network connection status?
  • Go to start button search box and type "Network". select Network and Sharing Center link.
Network and Sharing Link
  •  In new window, click on wireless network Connection link
. show connect WIFI Connection
  •  you will find Wireless network Connection Status tab.
Wireless Connection Status
How to enable Internet Connection Sharing in second computer or laptop via Wireless connection automatically.
If user want to make enable  internet connection sharing in second computer through wireless network. Because first computer has connected from internet already via Wifi broadband modem or USB modem automatically.
  • Open Network and Sharing Center option window, click on Change adapter setting.
  • In new window ( Network connections) select  properties of  active wireless network card and open it.
WIFI adapter Properties
  • Click on  sharing tab, check the box – Allow Other network Users ........................connection and set wireless networking connection in drop down . choose OK button.
Find Sharing tab
Internet sharing in wifi
After applying procedure to enable Internet Connection Sharing in second computer under wireless network, Internet will activate automatically.

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