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How to Access Magnifier in Windows 10

In this article of Windows 10, I have brought the much interesting and exiting topic to discuss is Magnifier which is used to enlarge display screen using mouse. In certain circumstances, you need to view contents on screen very clearly, understanding this Windows 10 added Magnifier feature. In under written contents, I am explaining how to access Magnifier feature.

Steps to access Magnifier in Windows 10 –

You can access it using several ways, few of those is as follows –

Using Control Panel –

#. Launch Control Panel using Start menu.

#. Switch control panel in the small mode and click on Ease of Access Center icon.

#. Thereupon, Ease of Access Center window will appear on screen when you will have to click on Start Magnifier option to access Magnifier.

Using Start Menu –

#. Open Start Menu and click on All Apps option.

#. A pull down menu will appear on screen, click on Windows Ease of Access.

#. Thereafter, click on Magnifier tool

Using Search –

#. Open Start menu and type Magnifier in the search box followed by click on Ok 

#. In search result, you will see Magnifier option.

#. Click on Magnifier to open it.

Using PC Settings –

#. Click on Start button then on PC settings.

#. Now click on Ease of Access. After it you will get more option in the right side.

#. There will be Magnifier also, click on Magnifier option.

That’s all 

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